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Ivor Macfarlane

Seasoned ITSM Specialist

I’ve been around a long time, working in service management of one kind or another since 1976, and in the IT version since the 1980s. All that time my passion has been about applying common sense to the work environment. That’s driven by seeing how useful everyday common sense and experience is to our work situation as well as our personal one. And also a bit by how much IT people want the answer to be some shiny new tool instead of thinking simply and sensibly.

I worked 23 years for UK government - spending time in forestry, prisons, stores, IT and more - and 30+ years working on and with ITIL. A few periods of being an independent and 7 years with IBM. I’m now supposed to be retired and lazy, living in Portugal; but I can’t resist it when someone offers me something interesting to do so I keep a little bit busy still.

August 23, 2022

How Did My Grandmother Teach Me ITIL? ITIL: 7 Guiding Principles De-mystified

Special Bytes By Ivor Macfarlane, Seasoned ITSM Specialist. How Did My Grandmother Teach Me ITIL?  7 Guiding Principles De-mystified and More. (DevOps, Agile, Microservices and Technical Debt...)

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